7 filthy rich celebrity’s simple lives

7 filthy rich celebrity’s simple lives

Big money doesn’t always have to mean an extravagant life of luxuries we don’t even need to imagine. The celebrity’s simple lives on this list are proof of that.

Of course, they live comfortably and don’t have to worry about paying rent at the end of the month. But they lead relatively simple lives for the money they have:


Though she is one of the most recognizable actresses in the world. Jolie is not usually seen at big parties or wasting her career money. She and her family (before and after Brad Pitt split) live in seclusion on a large estate, but nothing fancy, and Jolie is quite reserved.


celebrities simple lives Sarah Jessica Parker

While Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t admit to repeating an outfit, star Sarah Jessica Parker prefers a simpler lifestyle. “I don’t think I ever bought clothes for my kids. Maybe coats and sneakers, but the rest he uses from his cousins ​​and my brother. My mother kept everything he’s already worn!”, he joked in an interview.


Anyone who watched the documentary  Five Foot Two on Netflix can take a “peek” at the very simple life of Lady Gaga – although comfortable thanks to the many hits of her career, Gaga is a normal girl, who wears normal clothes and likes to cook for friends and for the family. Nothing like your extravagant stage image.


The life of the former Fantastic Four star is quite comfortable but also reserved. Alba is often seen taking subway trips to buy food or other household supplies, rather than upscale venues, parties, or (even more recently) red carpets.


Most “people like us” celebrities could not be missing from this list. Besides being a lot of fun, Lawrence did not abandon the simpler programs with friends when he became famous. Besides driving a simple car and choosing a beautiful, but relatively modest, house to live in Los Angeles.


The simple lifestyle of the Matrix star and John Wick has earned him raves from fans – he is often seen in regular restaurants or using public transport, and donates much of his salary to other crew members from the films he works on. “Money is not a concern. I can live with what I’ve earned until today for at least a few centuries”, he joked in an interview.


celebrities simple lives Matthew Mcconaughey

Before getting married and having kids, Matthew lived in a trailer — yes, even after making millions as a romantic comedy star, and just before winning an Oscar for Dallas Shopping Club. According to the actor, the “minimalist” lifestyle makes his mind: “It’s the best way to get rid of stress in your life. Big possessions give big worries”, he said.

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