Activities to do as a family when you are at home

Activities to do as a family when you are at home

Today children are very used to doing different activities after school that make them burn all their energy. When we are at home, it is necessary to look for activities so that they can be entertained, learn and escape. In addition, it can be a good time to strengthen ties with them, get to know them better, and enjoy ourselves together. We propose some activities to do at home with the children.

Technology is a great ally in this regard. With the Internet, we use the mobile for everything, and although in special situations it can be useful for all the entertainment it has to offer, we must be careful with the abuse of children who spend many hours in front of the screen.

What can I do with my family?

Activities after school

There are numerous activities that we can do while at home. We will all take the opportunity to enjoy family activities and remember others that parents or little siblings did a while ago.


we can use different types of paints, or even with our hands, which is more fun, and create games, and contests to see which one is the best or make drawings that reinforce positivism, self-esteem, or understanding of an exceptional situation.


There are many tasks that the little ones can do. They will learn to cook, it is a fun family activity, and they will learn to be more responsible and autonomous. In addition to valuing food, the healthier it is, the better.

The Game Of Statues

If what children like is music, there is no better game than the game of statues. When the music stops everyone must stay still and whoever doesn’t, loses. A game of always and very easy to teach the little ones.

Board Games

They are a good solution if what you are looking for is to make children think. Monopoly or Cluedo are some classics. If not, the game pairs with the deck of cards. Easy and fun for everyone.


It is a good way to work the body and the mind. It will help us reduce stress, and improve concentration and creativity.


They can read alone or read as a family. It is a good way to forge your love for reading.

Help With The Housework

It is possible that it is possible to make them fun together.

Physical Exercise

Moving is essential if you spend a lot of time at home. Dancing is hidden and seek, gymkhanas, treasure hunts, it is a way to release energy and accumulated stress.


It can be a diary, a story, a comic, or a letter to the rest of the family. It is a way for them to develop their imagination.


Movies, Pictionary, guessing songs or characters, gestures, tongue twisters, I see I see, cracked phone, telling jokes, etc.

Dressing Up In A Fun Way

Putting on costumes, and making a parade, is an activity that can entertain the little ones.

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