Factors To Consider When Buying Frameless Shower Doors

There are a lot of reasons why buying frameless shower doors is highly recommended to homeowners who want to a achieve a modern, updated bathroom look. But just like any other products for bathroom, there are so many frameless shower doors available in the market today. It is a bit challenging to choose which among them is the best to purchase. Sure, they are not cheap, hence giving you exactly what you need and expecting is just necessary.

Factors To Consider When Buying Frameless Shower Doors

When buying frameless shower doors there are factors you have to consider, and some of these factors are written below:

  • Choose by appearance

The good news is, there are a lot of frameless shower doors available in the market today. They come in different sizes, shapes and designs. It is highly recommended that you choose the shower door that can match your bathroom theme perfectly. Instead of deciding by yourself, might as well seek for professional’s help or at least suggestions from people you know have good taste.

You would want this door to give additional accessory and uplift the overall appearance of your bathroom, hence choosing by its style, design and appearance is necessary. By the way, they can be customized hence if you want some touch of uniqueness and your personality, you are welcome to consider it too.

  • Durability

Durability is one of the features of frameless shower doors you must look into closely. Never consider doors that will break with a few times of usage. Choose the one that can stand hard hitting, high temperatures and more. As previously discussed, this type of door is expensive hence replacing it too soon may give your bank account pain.

Aside from the durability of the materials used to build the door, make sure that the installation of it is also reliable to stand long wearing and tearing. You do not want it reinstalled over and over again as it will not only hurt your budget but your time too.

  • Brands

Due to its high demand, many brands are producing and introducing their own versions of frameless shower doors. Hence, choosing the right brand is necessary to ensure that you will not get broken hearted to whatever it is you consider. When choosing the brand, it is best if you read reviews from their previous customers, visit their website, read their company history and look on doors they can offer.

Never buy doors from a brand that has never proved their worth in the industry or a brand that receives too many complains from their customers. Sure, you do not want new brands be judged early on their career, but if you are thinking about your money, your satisfaction and the like, considering tested and reliable brands is best.

There are many brands right now that offer not only high caliber frameless doors but top sliding shower doors as well, they may sell their products more expensively, but needless to say, the money you will spend to buy doors from them will never be wasted at all. Never give yourself heartaches and ensure that you buy only from a good and tested brand.

  • Price

It has been said again and again that frameless doors are not cheap, but there are some brands that offer their products cheaper than their competitors. Just so you know, when considering the price you must not focus just on the price tag alone. You also have to consider value for your money. Not all cheap doors offer cheap materials, same as with expensive doors that offer high end materials.

Make sure that when considering the price, you are also considering value for your money. Know what is included upon your door purchase and what are the materials used to build it.

  • Warranty inclusions

The warranty inclusions when buying a frameless shower door is another factor you have to consider. Sure, the warranty will save you from possible huge expenses you need to face for repairs and any other door replacements. When considering the warranty, you may want to consider the things below:

  • Length of the warranty coverage. How long is your door covered with warranty, is it just for a month, years or lifetime. If there is a chance to extend the warranty, might as well consider it
  • Warranty inclusions. What are the inclusions on the warranty, does it include installation repairs, replacement of chipped glass etc. Never consider buying the door unless you understand everything about the warranty inclusions
  • Reasons for disqualifications. Never let yourself blinded with possible reasons of warranty disqualifications. You would not want to end up broken hearted as you never thought that you will get disqualified from warranty if you perform such actions, like using unpermitted parts when installing the door


  • Installation

Another reason why others prefer framed than frameless is the complexity of installation. Some may need to hire a professional to have the door installed. Choosing a door that can be installed easily even without hiring a professional is a good option.

On the other hand, if you are willing to spare a few dollars to ensure that installation will be done properly, by all means you can go ahead and do that. Never experiment installing or depending your luck on online tutorials. Read the instructions inserted upon your purchase or better call a professional for help.