Ideas to entertain the children at home when we are busy

Ideas to entertain the children at home when we are busy

We would like nothing more than to have all the time in the world to play with our children and enjoy them. But unfortunately, it is not so. Although it is possible for us to be with them at home, there are endless obligations that keep us busy. And they need to play, have fun, and, above all, your attention. What to do when we cannot lend it to you?

Luckily, we have many activities to propose so that you have a good time while we finish doing that important thing. Almost all of them adapt well to each one depending on their age and their abilities. And we will all be happy!

Next, we give you a series of ideas to entertain the children when we are busy. They are planned in a short time and they will be distracted for a while. And, best of all, away from the screens.

String Macaroni

A very simple task, but one that will make the little ones occupy their little hands in an entertaining way. We will give them a piece of string and ask them to make necklaces or bracelets with it. Even a garland! Or ask them to insert them in another place, such as spaghetti.

They will be delighted to handle food, they will have fun and, in addition, they will be working on their fine motor skills. Even in mathematics if later we ask them to count how many pieces of pasta there are in each figure they have formed.

There is also the option of giving them paint to decorate them before stringing them. Success is assured. They will create authentic works of art!


Ideas to entertain the children

Among the ideas to entertain the children, coloring could not be missing. It is a simple and helpful suggestion that never fails. And it is that all children love to pull colored pencils or crayons to unleash their creativity. It appeals to all ages and will keep them busy for a long time.

You can print them their favorite drawings to color or they can draw what they want and then apply the color. Let them become little artists!

Make a Puzzle

Having a puzzle at hand will always get us out of trouble when looking for ideas to entertain children. They tend to be liked by all ages and, in addition, they are very beneficial for them, since looking for the pieces that fit they exercise their brain. And for the little ones they are also an extraordinary way to work on fine motor skills.

What if you challenge them to dare with a puzzle with more pieces? I’m sure they’ll gladly accept it!

A Face Painting Workshop

What do you think if we let them paint their faces themselves? It is a proposal that will excite them. As they want. The funniest, the most elegant, or the most terrifying. It has to be very very good because then they will have to show you the result.

If you have several children, encourage them to paint each other. Of course, make sure that the paints are suitable and that they will not pose any risk to them. And after having a great time, a good shower!

Prepare a Fort With Cushions

No child will resist this suggestion! Ask them to set up a fort or camp in the living room or bedroom with all the cushions they find around the house. You can use blankets to make a tent, kitchen towels, towels, whatever you need! It has to be a very special place because when you finish doing that thing that doesn’t allow waiting, you will join them in a great adventure!

Don’t worry about the mess. The plan includes that afterward, you spend a pleasant time collecting together!

Classify Objects

An option that we can also use to entertain the little ones is to ask them to classify the things they find in their room. By shapes or by colors. Teddy bears on one side and toy cars on the other. What if they separate the round shapes from the square ones? Or that they select, among all their toys, which are those that they no longer use to donate to other children who do not have as many as they do.

In addition to being distracted, they will work on geometric concepts, colors, or mathematics, while learning to be organized.

And if you feel like it, suggest that they redecorate their room. They will be delighted!

Organize a Treasure Hunt

If you know you’re going to need some time to yourself, organize a scavenger hunt to keep them busy for a while. Hide a ‘treasure’ somewhere in the house and prepare a series of clues for them to follow to find it. You can even draw a map to guide them on this exciting adventure. Turn them into pirates or policemen who have to go in search of stolen loot!

Create a Collage

Collect all those old magazines that are accumulating around the house and leave them some scissors. Age appropriate, of course. With the pieces that they cut, they will be able to make the drawing that they like the most; let them express themselves freely to fully express all their creativity. They can paste it or simply leave the cutouts superimposed on a piece of paper or a tray.

The process of trimming will make them pay full attention to what they are doing, improving their ability to concentrate and making them relax. In addition, we will be teaching them to take care of the environment through recycling. They will give a new life to all those old papers!

Decorate a Cardboard Box

Surely, on more than one occasion, you have been surprised when your child has had a better time playing with the box that contained a gift than with the toy itself. And it is that a simple box, for a child, is a whole world of imagination and fun. Stepping inside, the box can be transformed into a racing car, a spaceship, or the highest tower of a castle. And, if they have some paints and stickers on hand, you will be surprised what they are capable of doing with them.

We almost always have an empty box at home that we keep in case we need it at some point. Or some shoes. Or the one in that package that came to you yesterday. Before you send it to the blue container, leave it with your child. And you will see how he decorates it!

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