The 10 most beautiful actors in the world

The 10 most beautiful actors in the world

That of the hottest actors of the moment is a ‘duty’ ranking that all magazines are required to publish for the pleasure of the mind and eyes of the readers. Selection is always difficult, on the other hand, tastes are tastes, even if some subjects are living proof that objectivity exists even in beauty.

  1. Bradley Cooper

Essential in this ranking is the forty-year-old Bradley Cooper, who lately has driven hordes of fans mad with jealousy for his new relationship with Irina Shayk, a Russian supermodel. We saw him star in Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper earlier this year, while in the fall he will star alongside Emma Stone, Bill Murray, and Rachel McAdams in Cameron Crowe’s new film: Under the Hawaiian Sky. It’s not over: next year, he seems to be sitting behind the camera – help – for the remake of Cukor’s A Star Is Born. Among the protagonists: he, of course, and Beyonce.

  1. MATTHEW McConaughey

McConaughey had won all kinds of rankings in 2014, from the film ( Dallas Buyers Club ) to television ( True Detective ), up to aesthetic (but this was nothing new). We recently confirmed his prowess in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and will soon be seeing him in Gus Van Sant’s new film, The Sea of ​​Trees. This year we have not yet forgotten about him and we fervently hope to have other and different occasions to remind us how much we like him.

  1. Chris Hemsworth

Fresh these days is the news that he will play Janine in the female remake of the Ghostbusters (Paul Feig, July 2016). Chris Hemsworth in the viewer’s mind is the mythological Thor, but there are many noteworthy films that the Australian actor has starred in: from Drew Goddard’s That House in the Woods to Ron Howard’s Rush, to Michael Mann’s recent Blackhat. A road that we bet to be constantly on the rise.

  1. Chris Pratt

We saw him recently in Jurassic World, but the movie we got to like him the most was James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Born in 1979, Chris Pratt is not making a mistake, proving that we will still hear a lot about him. And it can only please us.

  1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

At the birth of Aaron Johnson, 25, he acquired the double surname after his marriage to the director Sam Taylor-Wood (now Sam Taylor-Johnson), 48, known on the set of Nowhere Boy, in which he played a very young John Lennon. Little considered in the hot charts, we find him instead of one of the most beautiful actors around. If you want to dig deeper and make up for a lost time, here’s an essential filmography: Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass, Rodrigo Garcia’s Albert Nobbs, Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

  1. Michael Fassbender

In these rankings, Fassbender is the ace who has taken everything for years. We know of no woman who dares to even try to argue that there is something ‘subjectively unpleasant’ about this man. They tried to ridicule him with a blonde wig in Prometheus (Ridley Scott), hide him with a mask in Frank (Lenny Abrahamson), or make him detestable in 12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen), but he always got the better of it. Next year we will see him in Danny Boyle’s new film as Steve Jobs, Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse and Justin Kurzel ‘s Assassin’s Creed.

  1. Hugh Jackman

If they say ‘muscles’, that’s the first person that comes to mind. We don’t know if Hugh Jackman can be defined really sexy, despite Baz Luhrmann giving us an unforgettable ‘chest scene’ in Australia, but he is certainly one of the most physically fit and testosterone-driven actors in Hollywood. We loved him very much in Nolan’s The Prestige and Woody Allen’s Scoop, but for everyone, he will always and above all be Wolverine.

  1. Jake Gyllenhaal

The sympathy that Jake Gyllenhaal collects in these parts is certainly not new. Son of art (his father is a director, his mother is a screenwriter, his sister Maggie an actress like him), he becomes popular thanks to the cult Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly. Brokeback Mountain (Ang Lee, 2005), Zodiac (David Fincher, 2007), and Brothers (Jim Sheridan, 2009) are our favorite films with him. Thrifty and prudent in his acting choices, to date he has favored thriller as a genre. We have just seen him in the comedy Accidental Love alongside Jessica Biel and in September we will find him in the room with Southpaw by Antoine Fuqua.

  1. Tom Hardy

Thanks to Mad Max: Fury Road, the spotlight has finally turned to him. English, born in 1977, we had already had the opportunity to appreciate him in films such as Warrior by Gavin O’Connor, The Dark Knight – The Return of Christopher Nolan, but above all in Steven Knight’s claustrophobic Locke. In addition to the fifth episode of the Mad Max saga ( Mad Max: The Wasteland ), scheduled for 2016, we will see him in the next film by Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow, True American.

  1. Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood is 29 years old and the son of the legendary Clint. Good DNA does not lie and so the boy, in addition to his charm, also inherited a passion for cinema from his father. We recently saw him in David Ayer’s Fury and George Tillman jr’s romantic The Answer Is in the Stars, while next year he will be in Oliver Stone’s Snowden. Of course, he still has to do the real bones before reaching the star aura of certain colleagues, but at least he is trying – and succeeding – not to be remembered as ‘the son of’.

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