Tom Segura Net worth, biography, wife, dad, mom, son, sister, family, height

Tom Segura Net worth, biography, wife, dad, mom, son, sister, family, height

Media outlets are brimming with funnies of different types that stand apart for their jokes, peculiarities, and mind. They will in general beginning little; do stand-up meetings in little spaces before you get an opportunity to move to a greater level. The individuals who are resolved accept each open door they get and use it to tell the world what they are able to do. Tom Segura got his opportunities and didn’t manhandle them the slightest bit.

Segura is an American comic and digital recording very notable for its fantastic ability and, infrequently, its discussions. He is likewise an author and entertainer, with five specials remaining to his name.

Tom Segura – Bio (Age)

Tom Segura was brought into the world on the 16th of April 1979 in Cincinnati, Ohio. There is little data about his past other than his mom who is Peruvian and has two sisters. At age 18, Tom was in a state of unconsciousness for some time subsequent to trying too hard with joy, GHB, and liquor.

He started his satire vocation soon after he moved on from Lenoir Rhyne University and in the long run performed at a few parody celebrations, for example, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, and some more. He was likewise a San Francisco finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing 2 ability show.

A long time in his parody profession, Tom Segura entered the radio; his first show is The Bob and Tom Show. He was additionally on The Ron and Fez Show prior to moving his energy into podcasting. With his significant other Christina, he made and has the web recording Your Mom’s House. Notwithstanding his web recording, he shows up on WTF with Marc Maron and The Experience of Joe Rogan.

Tom Segura has had something reasonable of appearances on TV, in specials, narratives, or shows in which he plays himself. He coordinated a short film in 2013 entitled 9 Inches and composed a few TV arrangements and narratives. His calligraphy credits include: Cutman (TV arrangement, 2009); Atom (TV arrangement, 2009); Mix (film, 2011); 30 seconds on Washington (TV arrangement, 2012); 9 Inch (short, 2013), This isn’t going on (TV arrangement, 2013-2015) among others.

Tom has five stand-up specials: Excited (2010); White Girls With Cornrows (2012); Completely typical (2014); Mainly Stories (2016); and despicable (2018). The initial two are one-hour collections and the last three are all Netflix specials.


Tom Segura’s career has not been without debate. Individuals have been keeping in touch with Netflix to edit its show on its foundation. He was likewise accused of disdain discourse in the wake of utilizing “impeded” in a joke. A request has been shaped on, referring to her jokes as hostile and ill-bred, making them qualified for control. It is his greatest contention up until this point.

Tom Segura Net Worth

Tom Segura’s net worth is assessed to be near $ 3million. His better half, then again, has an expected net worth of $ 2 million. With the manner in which they cooperate, it wouldn’t be amazement if their net worth will before long ascent in worth.

Wife and son

Tom is hitched to entertainer ChristinaPazsitzky with whom he got married in November 2008. Together they chipped away at a few webcasts and men’s club shows. Christina Pazsitzky is a professional comic, web recording, essayist, TV host, and TV character. It was brought into the world on the 18th of June 1976 in Ontario, Canada to Hungarian by guardians. The family moved to the San Fernando Valley in 1980 and in 1994 Christina turned into an American resident. Together several has two kids: Ellis, who was brought into the world in 2016; and Julian, brought into the world in 2018.

Family – Dad, Mom, Sister

Tom’s dad is a Vietnam War veteran. He acknowledged his dad as a standard supporter of his web recording arrangement and discussed that he was so glad to turn into a granddad. Same with his mom. He affirmed that his mom is Peruvian and that he has two sisters in a group of three youngsters. Tom additionally professed to be inconsistent in French, Spanish, Peruvian, and Irish.


Tom Segura is 6 feet 1 tall. He kidded that he would have to get in shape since he is a dad so his children don’t get prodded at school for having a fat father. Amusingly, his body weight is the thing that assisted him with enduring when he ingested too much at 18.

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