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Tom Segura Net worth, biography, wife, dad, mom, son, sister, family, height

Tom Segura Net worth, biography, wife, dad, mom, son, sister, family, height

Media outlets are brimming with funnies of different types that stand apart for their jokes, peculiarities, and mind. They will...

Orson Welles Net Worth, Achievements and Fashionable Lifestyle

Orson Welles Net Worth, Achievements and Fashionable Lifestyle

Few personalities can be credited with having revolutionized an industry like Orson Welles (1915-1985) did. Thanks to his innovative style...

Fergie Net Worth, Acting Career, Lifestyle and Complete Biography

Fergie Net Worth, Acting Career, Lifestyle and Complete Biography

Recognized as one of the most important exponents of pop in the world, Fergie (March 27, 1975) has also had...

Celebrities scandals that still give much to talk about

Celebrities scandals that still give much to talk about

Unfortunately, all the noise that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is causing these days after several famous actresses accused him of...

The Voice 2013: Best Performance From the Season 4 Blind Auditions, April 9, 2013 (VIDEO)

The Voice 2013: Best Performance From the Season 4 Blind Auditions, April 9, 2013 (VIDEO)

Last night was the final round of blind auditions from The Voice Season 4 and all four coaches had one remaining spot...

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Tom Felton Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, and Emma Watson

Tom Felton Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, and Emma Watson

Kid entertainers have consistently been critical to media outlets. Therefore, different youngsters from around the planet frequently have the chance to star in a film or two. The strain to perform overwhelmingly isn’t high all things considered for most grown-ups;...

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The Voice 2013: Best Performance From the Season 4 Blind Auditions, April 9, 2013 (VIDEO)

The Voice 2013: Best Performance From the Season 4 Blind Auditions, April 9, 2013 (VIDEO)

Last night was the final round of blind auditions from The Voice Season 4 and all four coaches had one remaining spot...

The Hottest App for TV Lovers!

The Hottest App for TV Lovers!

Spoiler alert! We’ve discovered an app that rewards you with points and gift cards JUST for watching the shows you...

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Mel Gibson net worth, biography, achievements and controversies

Mel Gibson net worth

When talking about great acting figures, it is inevitable to think of Mel Gibson (January 3, 1956), an artist who has dedicated his career to acting, directing, and producing great films such as The Passion of the Christ, Mad Max, Corazón Valiente. , Until the last man and Lethal Weapon. Controversial, talented, audacious, and irreverent are some of the adjectives that describe him. If you want to discover why you should stay and read Mel Gibson’s net wort biography.

Mel Gibson biography

Anne and Hutton Gibson decided to give three names to their sixth son, Mel Columcille Gerard, who would become a great entertainment star. The actor grew up with 10 siblings who grew up in Australia, as the family decided to flee after the Vietnam War.

During his teens, Mel was a lousy student. For this reason, he graduated with very poor grades from high school and worked as a natural juice canner.

Despite his little interest in studies, the then young man showed a deep passion for the artistic world. This fact led him to enroll in the National Institution of Dramatic Art, located in Sydney, Australia. Shortly after, he made his debut in Summer City, a film that tells the story of four friends who go on a weekend off without waiting for all the problems that will arise along the way.

Mel Gibson net worth

Many could not imagine that Mel Gibson is a fervent Catholic. So much so that he built his chapel with an auditorium that can hold more than 400 people. Despite his hot streak, Mel Gibson did not escape controversy. During the Hamlet promotion, he made harsh comments towards the LGBTI community. Mel Gibson had one of the most expensive divorces in Hollywood history after paying his former wife an exorbitant sum of 400 million dollars since there was no prenuptial agreement and the assets had to be divided in half. Mel Gibson net worth is about 425 million dollars.

The leap to stardom

One of Mel Gibson’s most memorable roles would be Max Rockatansky in Mad Max, a film that managed to gross more than $ 100 million at the box office, a large figure for that time.

After completing this film’s filming, Mel married the dental nurse Robyn Moore, whom he met when he was still an unknown actor. On July 7, 1980 in an official ceremony in Forestville, a town located in New South Wales.

In the same year of their marriage, the interpreter welcomed Hannah, his eldest daughter, into the world, who dedicated her life to the world of makeup.

Two years after Mad Max’s premiere, the actor worked for Gallipoli, a film that focuses on the experiences of two completely different Australians enlisting to be soldiers in their country’s army for the First World War.

During the following months, Mel Gibson embarked on the recordings of the second installment of Mad Max, in which he returned to reprise the role of Max Rockatansky, a man who will give everything to save his city from desolation.

A short time later, the American welcomed the birth of his twins, Edward and Christian, who came to the world on June 2, 1982. The latter was also interested in the artistic world, but behind the screens, since it is in charge of operating the cameras in various Latin American productions.

Mel Gibson: among the most respected actors in Hollywood

After a well-deserved two-year break away from the screen, Mel Gibson decided to accept a role in Mrs. Soffel, a true story that tells the story of a woman who falls madly in love convict who was sentenced to death.

Around that time, she also participated in film projects such as Mutiny on Board and when the river grew, which did not have its predecessors’ brilliance.

1985 was a year of victories and disappointments for Mel Gibson, who celebrated the arrival into the world of his fourth son, William, who has made his life away from the public scorn and scandals that his father has starred in.

At this time, the famous actor returned to lend his talent to Mad Max: Beyond the Thunder Dome, the third installment of the popular saga that managed to raise a depressing figure of 36.2 million dollars, being a resounding failure.

A new member came to the Gibson family in 1988, when Louie was born, who, like his father, is a great American film director and actor.

The 90s: Mel Gibson’s glorious decade

The 90s were one of the best stages of the professional career of Mel Gibson, who at the beginning of this decade acted in major film productions such as Tiro al Blanco (Two Birds at a Throw), in which he played the role of Rick Jarmin, a man who lives with diverse identities due to trying to escape from a ruthless and cruel criminal.

The world public could enjoy another action film of this star with Air America’s arrival, which tells the real events of an airline that the CIA financed to transport drugs during the World War.

Around this time, Mel became a father for the sixth time after Milo’s arrival, who followed in his footsteps within the entertainment industry. One of the smallest of the Gibsons assured that he does not imitate his father but to be better than him.

In the early 90s, the actor lent his talents to Hamlet, Lethal Weapon 3, Forever Young, The Man Without a Face, Maverick and Pocahontas.

The controversies of Mel Gibson

After the shine of the 90s, Mel Gibson fans expected his new projects in the 2000s, but his acting career was marred by multiple scandals that threatened to end it completely.

Earlier this decade, the star lent her talents to star in critically acclaimed films such as The Patriot, What They Want ( What Are Women Thinking About ), Chicks on the Run ( Chicken Run: Farm Escape ), Signs and We were Heroes ( When we were soldiers ).

Mel was going through a difficult time in his life, as suicidal thoughts and alcoholism were more present than ever. For this reason, she decided to take refuge in her faith and create the acclaimed Hollywood film, The Passion of the Christ, which received three Academy Award nominations in the categories of Best Cinematography, Best Soundtrack and Best Makeup.

His alcoholism caused his marriage to Robyn to fall apart, which is why they separated in 2006 without officially asking for a divorce.

During the following years, the artist focused more on his career as a filmmaker than an actor. At the most difficult moment of his private life, Mel produced and directed Apocalypto. This film won three Oscar nominations in Best Sound Editing, Best Make-up and Best Sound.

Finally, Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore decided to formalize their separation after alleging irreconcilable differences, which were really generated by his infidelity. He was expecting his first daughter out of wedlock, Lucia, the fruit of his love affair with the Russian pianist, Oksana Grigorieva, whom the actor threatened with death.

Tom Felton Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, and Emma Watson

Kid entertainers have consistently been critical to media outlets. Therefore, different youngsters from around the planet frequently have the chance to star in a film or two. The strain to perform overwhelmingly isn’t high all things considered for most grown-ups; However, the pressing factor was on the heroes of Harry Potter, JK Rowling’s uber establishment. The long periods of looking around the planet finished with four youngsters becoming the dominant focal point the second they got the papers. Tom Felton was one of those kids; He assumed the notable part of Draco Malfoy in the establishment and supported the long stretches of looking as he won two significant honors for his presentation as a scalawag in the story.

Tom Felton’s initial openness to media outlets made him one of only a handful few youngsters who had acting experience prior to being projected. Harry Potter But even his experience didn’t set him up for the worldwide fame that came after he showed up in the notable film. Have you had the option to deal with it well and construct a nice movie vocation into adulthood? Peruse underneath to find out additional.

Bio and age of Tom Felton

Thomas Andrew Felton was brought into the world on September 22, 1987 to Sharon and Peter Felton. Since he was seven years of age, Tom Felton has acted before a crowd of people as an artist. He sang for four ensembles and afterward joined a uber ensemble, all before he was 10 years of age. For his schooling, he went to Cranmore School in West Horsley and Howard School in Effingham, crossing the last at thirteen years old.

His acting vocation started with his appearance in notices for brands, for example, Barclaycard, a British bank. His first on-screen acting position came in 1997 with him assuming the part of Peagreen Clock in The Moneylenders. He at that point showed up in Anna and the King in 1999 as his subsequent element film, having shown up in a TV film, Second Signal around the same time.

His gifts as a kid entertainer were clear for individuals from the British entertainment world and prompted what has been the greatest job in his profession so far, as Draco Malfoy in 2001. From 2001 to 2010, Tom Felton showed up just in films in the Harry Potter establishment, except a few appearances on a TV show, Home Farm Twins as Adam Baker, and his job as Simon Pryor in The Missing in 2008.

It was a vocation characterizing decade for the entertainer. After the Harry Potter establishment finished in 2011, Tom Felton was left with world acclaim and the undertaking of building a lifelong autonomous of his appearances in Harry Potter, a difficult task for any entertainer who has at any point featured in a well-known film project. Long term. Tom Felton has had the option to make a respectable showing, showing up in excess of 17 motion pictures and TV shows from that point forward, including significant activities like Rising of the Planet of the Apes, Message from the King, Risen, and United Kingdom. On TV, he likewise played Julian Albert, otherwise known as Doctor Alchemy on the hero show, The Flash. He at that point featured in the lead spot as Logan Maine for a 2018 network show, Origin.

As a vocalist, she has delivered three singles and four expanded plays.

Tom Felton Net worth

Tom Felton is a well-off man, all gratitude to his residuals and pay from the Harry Potter arrangement. Joined with his proceeded with appearances in motion pictures and TV shows, Tom Felton is perched on an agreeable net worth of $ 35 million. As the entertainer keeps on taking on more jobs, that number makes certain to increment later on.

Tom Felton Weight

Tom Felton isn’t, by and large, the tallest man in the show. He remains at a normal tallness of 5 feet 9 creeps with a body weight of 66 kg. His character Draco Malfoy was well known for his white light hair. Yet today Tom Felton can be seen with less prominent light earthy colored hair.


Tom Felton’s prominence, appeal, and abundance have made him an alluring buddy. Both in the Potter being a fan and among his kindred entertainers. Throughout the long term, he has been involved with Jade Olivia Gordon, Phoebe Tonkin, and Melissa Tamschick. Be that as it may, he is as of now accepted to be single as of now.

Tom Felton’s relationship with Emma Watson

Another previous youngster entertainer who is bound to unceasing popularity is Emma Watson. The two of them featured inverse each other in favor of good. And evil in the Harry Potter arrangement with Emma playing the splendid Hermione. Nonetheless, while Hermione didn’t care for Draco Malfoy without question, Emma Watson really liked Tom Felton, in actuality. In spite of her affections for him, it doesn’t bode well between the two gatherings regardless of the way that the two have remained companions since the arrangement finished. We, notwithstanding, keep on pausing.

Tom Segura Net worth, biography, wife, dad, mom, son, sister, family, height

Tom Segura Net worth

Media outlets are brimming with funnies of different types that stand apart for their jokes, peculiarities, and mind. They will in general beginning little; do stand-up meetings in little spaces before you get an opportunity to move to a greater level. The individuals who are resolved accept each open door they get and use it to tell the world what they are able to do. Tom Segura got his opportunities and didn’t manhandle them the slightest bit.

Segura is an American comic and digital recording very notable for its fantastic ability and, infrequently, its discussions. He is likewise an author and entertainer, with five specials remaining to his name.

Tom Segura – Bio (Age)

Tom Segura was brought into the world on the 16th of April 1979 in Cincinnati, Ohio. There is little data about his past other than his mom who is Peruvian and has two sisters. At age 18, Tom was in a state of unconsciousness for some time subsequent to trying too hard with joy, GHB, and liquor.

He started his satire vocation soon after he moved on from Lenoir Rhyne University and in the long run performed at a few parody celebrations, for example, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, and some more. He was likewise a San Francisco finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing 2 ability show.

A long time in his parody profession, Tom Segura entered the radio; his first show is The Bob and Tom Show. He was additionally on The Ron and Fez Show prior to moving his energy into podcasting. With his significant other Christina, he made and has the web recording Your Mom’s House. Notwithstanding his web recording, he shows up on WTF with Marc Maron and The Experience of Joe Rogan.

Tom Segura has had something reasonable of appearances on TV, in specials, narratives, or shows in which he plays himself. He coordinated a short film in 2013 entitled 9 Inches and composed a few TV arrangements and narratives. His calligraphy credits include: Cutman (TV arrangement, 2009); Atom (TV arrangement, 2009); Mix (film, 2011); 30 seconds on Washington (TV arrangement, 2012); 9 Inch (short, 2013), This isn’t going on (TV arrangement, 2013-2015) among others.

Tom has five stand-up specials: Excited (2010); White Girls With Cornrows (2012); Completely typical (2014); Mainly Stories (2016); and despicable (2018). The initial two are one-hour collections and the last three are all Netflix specials.


Tom Segura’s career has not been without debate. Individuals have been keeping in touch with Netflix to edit its show on its foundation. He was likewise accused of disdain discourse in the wake of utilizing “impeded” in a joke. A request has been shaped on Change.org, referring to her jokes as hostile and ill-bred, making them qualified for control. It is his greatest contention up until this point.

Tom Segura Net Worth

Tom Segura’s net worth is assessed to be near $ 3million. His better half, then again, has an expected net worth of $ 2 million. With the manner in which they cooperate, it wouldn’t be amazement if their net worth will before long ascent in worth.

Wife and son

Tom is hitched to entertainer ChristinaPazsitzky with whom he got married in November 2008. Together they chipped away at a few webcasts and men’s club shows. Christina Pazsitzky is a professional comic, web recording, essayist, TV host, and TV character. It was brought into the world on the 18th of June 1976 in Ontario, Canada to Hungarian by guardians. The family moved to the San Fernando Valley in 1980 and in 1994 Christina turned into an American resident. Together several has two kids: Ellis, who was brought into the world in 2016; and Julian, brought into the world in 2018.

Family – Dad, Mom, Sister

Tom’s dad is a Vietnam War veteran. He acknowledged his dad as a standard supporter of his web recording arrangement and discussed that he was so glad to turn into a granddad. Same with his mom. He affirmed that his mom is Peruvian and that he has two sisters in a group of three youngsters. Tom additionally professed to be inconsistent in French, Spanish, Peruvian, and Irish.


Tom Segura is 6 feet 1 tall. He kidded that he would have to get in shape since he is a dad so his children don’t get prodded at school for having a fat father. Amusingly, his body weight is the thing that assisted him with enduring when he ingested too much at 18.

You may also like to read Victoria Justice feet, shoe size and shoe collection

Victoria Justice feet, shoe size and shoe collection

Victoria Justice

Victoria Dawn Justice is among the best American entertainers and artists. At only 22, the Nickelodeon star is prepared for considerably more significance. The lady appeared in the entertainment world at 10 years old and has since shown up in a few well-known arrangements. Including the Victorys and Zoey 101 arrangement by Nickelodeon. She is likewise a gifted vocalist who has acted in an assortment of Nickelodeon musicals, including Spectacular.

Daniel Radcliffe Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Daniel Radcliffe Height

It’s been some time since we’ve considered him to be ‘the kid who lived’ and despite the fact that he actually lives behind him (10 years of featuring in him as an anecdotal character will do that to you), he is gradually turning out to be Daniel Radcliffe once more. You know work out, individuals become more significant and we need to have a deep understanding of them, what brand of bathroom tissue do they use, do they pick onions for their food? You know, the positions they do.

We won’t present any of that data in this article, we should begin little. Here’s all the data we could accumulate about his details, beginning with Daniel Radcliffe’s height.

Daniel Radcliffe Height

Gracious, there is a ton to state on this theme, however, prior to bouncing in here is a concise depiction of the entertainer himself. The entertainer has done well in shedding his quirky appearance, he generally still has his dim earthy colored hair and he certainly has his striking blue eyes. The entertainer has never been depicted as tall, generally on the grounds that he isn’t, and has grappled with that reality.

How would we know this? All things considered, he said it himself, he wasn’t generally so loose and tolerating his height, it was an excursion. At first, he was worried that his ‘ Harry Potter ‘ co-stars would have gigantic developments in height and abandon him, however, his feelings of trepidation were eased when they were all still generally a similar height.

He revealed to MTV News: “I wasn’t especially concerned in light of the fact that as long as Emma and Rupert didn’t shoot each other excessively quick, I’d look (great). We would all look moderately (a similar height). Everything would have been alright. Throughout the long term, the entertainer gradually dealt with his absence of height, however, this is the means by which he treats it: “I was stressed on an individual level since I needed to be somewhat taller than me, in a perfect world. Be that as it may, presently I have acknowledged it.

He added: ‘Essentially, I reached the decision some time prior that you can be extremely harsh. Or you can make a ton of entertaining jokes. At the point when I meet individuals now and they all state, ‘God, you route more limited than I anticipated! I generally state, ‘No! As a matter of fact, I’m somewhat further away than you might suspect, “which confounds them.”

The hero sees himself as in an incredible “short star organization” with entertainers like Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, at 5 feet 5 inches. Daniel Radcliffe’s height may not be unbelievable, however, he claims it and you need to regard that.

The weight of Daniel Radcliffe

For somebody who isn’t excessively tall, it would be a deadly mix-up to move diverted. And the Harry Potter entertainer is very much aware of this. He is keen on keeping away from extreme weight pick up, and as such he scarcely tries too hard. The entertainer weighs 57 kg and it doesn’t occur incidentally, it includes exercise and diet.

He is on a low GI eating routine, which is a low glycemic diet. Fundamentally, the eating regimen expects one to keep away from nourishments that are high in GI. This is on the grounds that the part rapidly raises your blood glucose levels and as such makes, you need to eat more. That should take some genuine discretion, considering the entertainer needed to eliminate pizza. These weight control plans are heartless.

Also, the entertainer sits ups each day alongside bodyweight activities and some exercise center work. Sounds possible right? No, we didn’t trust it either, yet we need to offer it to the “kid who lived”, he lives well.

Daniel Radcliffe Body Measurements

It may not be your exemplary jock type, however, whoever said we need it to be. Daniel Radcliffe’s height and weight are very corresponding to the remainder of his body estimations. His chest size is 38 inches, his abdomen size is 30 inches, and his biceps are 16 inches. That is exceptionally noteworthy, somebody should have a ton of arm practices in their daily schedule.

This part would not be finished on the off chance that we didn’t make reference to your shoe size. It is something we barely fail to remember. The entertainer wears a size 10 for the US, a size 41-42 for Europe, and a size 9. for the UK.

Orson Welles Net Worth, Achievements and Fashionable Lifestyle

Orson Welles Net Worth

Few personalities can be credited with having revolutionized an industry like Orson Welles (1915-1985) did. Thanks to his innovative style and cutting-edge ideas, this acclaimed writer, director, and producer will always be remembered for his radio, film, and theater contributions. Here is Orson Welles net worth, revolutionary achievements, and lifestyle with a review of the life and career of one of the most important filmmakers in history.

Fergie Net Worth, Acting Career, Lifestyle and Complete Biography

Fergie Net Worth

Recognized as one of the most important exponents of pop in the world, Fergie (March 27, 1975) has also had impeccable participation in acting, modeling, production, and fashion design. After having been part of two indisputably successful musical bands, this American’s journey on stage is, without a doubt, her letter of introduction. Don’t stop reading this Fergie net worth and complete biography!

Fergie biography

The marriage of Terri Jackson Gore and Patrick Ferguson resided in  ​​California, United States, called Hacienda Heights, when they welcomed their first-born. This happened on March 27, 1975, and the name they decided to give their daughter was Stacy Ann Ferguson. The first years of raising the little girl were framed in the traditions of her Irish, Scottish, and Mexican roots.

Also, the girl’s parents had sympathy and deep faith for the Catholic religion, so all the decisions and teachings they gave her in her early years were influenced by it. With the arrival of her sister Dana Ferguson, things did not change at home; they were both raised in the same way.

During her childhood, Stacy was attracted to the world of television, so her parents decided that she entered the medium at a young age. However, starting in 1983 and with less than 10 years of age, Ferguson was in charge of giving the voice to Sally’s television character, the little girl who appeared in the Charlie Brown and Snoopy comic strips.

Television, however, did not limit itself to her voice. A short time later, the little girl began to appear in television commercials, among which we can highlight the Rice Krispies brand owned by Kellogg’s. After some time, Stacy continued knocking on the doors in the audiovisual world. Finally, one was opened to her that would represent the opportunity to come out into the public arena: Kids Incorporated.

It was a series transmitted by Disney where Stacy, still a child, had to sing, as she was part of one of the musical groups that performed in that space. The success of Kids Incorporated was resounding, and from there, the little girl realized how much she enjoyed singing, which started her on the music scene.

Fergie net worth

The record company RCA and Wild Orchid separated due to a confrontation for the third album that the group would launch. Fergie’s net worth is about 45 million dollars. She was one of the hardest hit and had to seek professional help to recover. Although Stacy lent her voice to Sally for the series, in the same way, she was chosen for this role in the films It’s the Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown and Snoopy gets married.

Fergie and Wild Orchid

6 seasons was the total time Fergie was in the aforementioned Disney children’s show, and after turning 16 she decided that the path she would choose would be music. That’s how she teamed up with former Kids Incorporated teammate Renee Sandstrom and Stefanie Ridel, another American singer, to form a musical group.

The name chosen for the band was Wild Orchid, and because it was made up of women who already had a certain public trajectory, it was not very difficult for it to reach popularity in a short time. We must also mention that they had their own program on the FOX Family television network, which aired every Saturday morning.

After working for a time with the RCA record label, Fergie and her companions released their first studio album, which they titled Wild Orchid. This happened in 1997, and in 1998 the group again presented a new record production under the name Oxygen. Even though the girls’ fame was skyrocketing, internal troubles led to their breakup in 2001.

Success with The Black Eyed Peas

To rejoin the music scene, Fergie had to sing in choirs of groups that were not very popular. In one of those presentations, Will.I.Am agreed with her and proposed to meet consecutively to raise the idea of ​​a still being born: The Black Eyed Peas.

After communicating it to the rest of the members, Will.I.Am accepted Fergie as the only female voice, and without wasting time, they began to work on their record productions. The first of them was presented in 1998 and was called Behind The Front. It was followed by Bridging the Gap in 2000, and by that time the band was beginning to sound louder in the US market.

Just 3 years later, The Black Eyed Peas got the public’s support with another album, this time called Elephunk. Monkey Business was released in 2005, and its success was equal (or greater) than previous albums. A year after this production, Fergie announced that she would try her luck as a soloist, but she would continue with the Black Eyed Peas in parallel.

So it was, and when she returned with the band, she got her name to be the most sought after in the world, as she performed what was considered an anthem of electronic music:  I Gotta Feeling. After enjoying the honey’s of success, Fergie permanently retired from The Black Eyed Peas in 2017.

Conciliation is a soloist

Fergie’s first solo album was called The Dutchess, and it was released on September 13, 2006. From that moment, it was not difficult for the American to begin to place many of her songs in the top positions of the playlists, of which we can highlight those of Billboard.

We can’t put aside, in the same way, that one of Fergie’s songs, Fergalicious, managed to enter the Guinness World Records for having changed position in record time on one of the Billboard charts. The singer has performed songs in collaboration with Michael Jackson, Slash, Kanye West, and David Guetta, as well as more than 10 singers of the R&B genre.

As expected, Fergie has numerous awards to her credit that she has collected throughout her musical career. The Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Award, MTV Video Music Award, American Music Award, Satellite Award, and the Glamor Award are examples.

You should also know that Fergie was married to Josh Duhamel, an American actor, and model from whom she separated in 2017.

Celebrities scandals that still give much to talk about

Celebrities scandals

Unfortunately, all the noise that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is causing these days after several famous actresses accused him of having groped and even raped them, is not the only news of a sexual nature that has shocked the entertainment world. We recall other high-profile cases that still cause much surprise and even outrage.

These 5 Weird Celebrity Artifacts Sold for a Lot of Money

Mark McGwires

What’s the deal with society’s celebrity obsession? At every turn, it seems like another piece of cherished celebrity memorabilia is up for sale. (Not always entirely voluntarily. Exhibit A: David Hasselhoff’s recent reality TV auction; seems like he really needed the money.) Some items are understandable — who wouldn’t want the original Tin Man or C3PO costumes, for instance? (Don’t answer that.)

But others are downright weird. You won’t find them on legitimate online auction sites, that’s for sure. That doesn’t mean they didn’t fetch a pretty penny, though:

  1. Mark McGwire’s 70th Home Run Ball

It’s hard to get more “normal” than a baseball, even one knocked out of a major league park. That’s why it’s perplexing to a lot of folks, namely non-sports-geeks everywhere, that Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball sold for an eye-popping $3 million. Keep in mind that Barry Bonds is the current all-time home runs per season record holder, at 73. It’s just not clear why this ball is that important.

  1. Darth Vader’s Helmet

“Luke, I am worth more than your life!” would have been more accurate.

Darth Vader’s headpiece, which hid the Star Wars’ villain’s scarred visage for most of the original trilogy, is little more than a cheap piece of plastic, the sort of accessory world-wear suburban kids would turn up their noses at coming Halloween time. But there’s apparently something to be said for context — namely, that this particular helmet was seen by millions of movie fans around the globe (and probably gave a fair number of them nightmares). In 2003, the famed Darth Vader helmet sold for $115,000.

  1. General Lee

No, Civil War buffs, not the guy who led the Confederacy’s battle effort. This General Lee is far more famous and important. That’s right: We’re talking about that trusty old muscle car from the Dukes of Hazzard.

Roll your eyes if you must, but lots of people seem willing to pay top dollar for what would otherwise be an obsolete old gas-guzzler. In 2007, General Lee sold for nearly $10 million* on eBay. That’s vintage-Ferrari pricing, people.

*The sale closed at $10 million, but the winning bidder — a bit conveniently, we might add — pleaded ignorance, claiming that his account had been used without his permission. Eventually, the sale was annulled, and the car was resold at auction for $450,000.

  1. Scarlett Johansson’s Tissue (Yes, Really!)

A few years ago, Scarlett Johansson went on a late-night TV show. She had a cold, or allergies, or something. The host offered her a tissue. She sneezed into it.

And then things got weird.

That tissue — call it the ScarJo Tissue if you must — quickly found its way onto the Internet, where it sold for more than $5,000. Not a bad take for an artifact that took literally two seconds to produce.

  1. Andy Warhol’s Wig

No one wants to see that, Andy. Except, apparently, everyone.

That’s right: A silly hairpiece is once worn by artist-iconoclast Andy Warhol, who hid his male-pattern baldness well, recently sold for more than $10,000. He probably bought it for a thousandth of that amount back in the 60s, so no one can claim his investment didn’t work out.

How does White Bali Kratom compare to the White Sumatra Strain

White Bali Kratom compare to the White Sumatra Strain

Kratom has been gaining in popularity with time. More and more people are advocating it as the perfect recreational beverage, even better than tea and coffee. Kratom is being seen as the replacement for opioid analgesics to relieve pain as well. Since it has very little to almost zero addictive property and has been used in traditional Asian medicine since time immemorial, Kratom’s credibility has been enhanced. If you have heard about the product but are confused about which type of Kratom to choose to start your consumption, this article might be helpful for you in some way.

To start with, Kratom is mainly of three types, based on the color of the vein present at the center of the plant’s leaves. They can either be of white, green, or red strain. All of these strains differ from each other in terms of purposes served. For example, the red ones are good for pain relief, while the white ones are the real energy booster. Even among white ones, there are different types, based on the geographical location where they are cultivated. The White Bali and the White Sumatra Kratom are two popular ones among them. Here is a small comparison between them.

White Bali Kratom

Just by looking at the name, you can understand the place where the White Bali Kratom is mostly grown and cultivated. What really sets apart this type from other types of White Kratom, including the Sumatra type, is the amount of energy it provides. It has conventional properties of making you feel energetic and sharp while working and washing away any tiredness that you might have, but it does so in a milder way.

The effects are not very pronounced, as far as the dosages are in control, and no one abuses it. Therefore, some people consider the White Bali Kratom to be the perfect one to start consumption by beginners. It is not underwhelming though. The effects are just the right amount. The best part about the White Bali is that it has some properties that are associated with red and green straining.

On taking this type, you may experience some amount of relief from chronic pain. The magnitude of it will indeed be lesser than the other veined types traditionally; however, it is still considerable and significant. Thus, as someone has rightly pointed out, this gives you the best of all the world and is suitable when you are going to buy white bali Kratom.

As far as dosage is concerned, with the White Bali, beginners should start with 1 gram only and slowly increase it. Anything around 3-4 grams should be fine. For the ultimate euphoric experience, 8 grams should suffice.

White Sumatra Kratom

If you are looking for a type of white Kratom that can be the representative of the White Strain, the Sumatra is the one for it. It is unapologetically white. All the properties that can be attributed to the white strain, in general, hold good for the Sumatra strain too. One of the key aspects of using Kratom in the right way is not to overdo it. You just need the right amount to have an adequate amount of energy and concentration and also channel it in a positive manner.

With the White Sumatra strain, you can beat lethargy, concentrate, and think better and achieve more in the work front, deal with depression, and also be relieved from chronic pains to some extent. Thus, as you can see, the White Sumatra has most of the positive effects that are generally associated with Kratom.

If you are looking to have a moderate effect, anything around 4 grams is going to be good enough. For that additional state of euphoria, you can go up to 6 grams.

The verdict

Choosing between the White Bali and the White Sumatra basically depends on the stage of Kratom consumption you are in. If you are a beginner, White Bali is a better option. If you are of the experienced kind and are looking for an enhanced experience, the White Sumatra is probably the one you should shop for.